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New rules for cyclists

June 29, 2017

Four new rules will be implemented on the 1st of July to protect Victorian cyclists on our roads. 

1. If cyclists use a mobile phone whilst on their bike, it needs to be in a mount on the bike or they need to be parked to use it. Parking means in a place on the side of the road where a car could legally park with your feet on the ground to ensure no forward movement. This is a change in how you get fined from a court appearance to an on the spot fine.

2. Cyclists can now legally use bus lanes across Victoria, except where bikes have been excluded by sign post warnings. It has been agreed that these are safe zones for riders to be in.

3. You no longer need to remove your bike rack from your car when there are no bikes attached. 

4. If there is a bike light (or lantern) at an intersection, bikes going straight have right of way and a left turning car will now have to wait. This only applies (as a change) to locations that have a specific bike lantern and usually there is a bike lane. 

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