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Beautiful Bins Project for Shepparton

July 19, 2017

Sheparton artist Tank – known for his colourful Mooving art cows – wants to brighten up the town even more with these painted waste bins.

Tanks said he thought of the idea after considering the debate about how to reinvigorate the Maude St Mall.

He sent us these photo-shopped images of his Beautiful Bins:

“It’s a simple idea - little dump trucks to take the rubbish away. We take rubbish bins for granted, we just don’t see them. It’s all about taking art out of the galleries and out on to the streets. The most popular thing in Melbourne right now are the painted concrete blocks,” he said.

We reckon they’re pretty cute – what do you think?

Tank said he’s already talked to council and they are supportive – but he needs to find sponsors to help pay for the project.

So far he’s talked to Foott Waste and Veolia Environmental Services in Shepparton and said the feedback has been positive.

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