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Man verus ‘Parma-saurus-rex’ tonight

August 23, 2017

Forget McGregor versus Mayweather because the real battle will be man versus food tonight at The Deck.

Professional bodybuilder Vince Mantovani will attempt to down the ‘Parma-saurus-rex’ in under nine minutes.

The Deck showed off Mr Mantovani's skills with a previous parma challenge on their Facebook page:

Bartender at The Deck Frankie Lagana said the ‘Parma-saurus-rex’ was more than a mouthful.

“It is just under a kilo of chicken, it is a big parma,” Mr Lagana said.

Including chips, cheese and toppings he estimated the whole meal weighed in at about 1.6 kilograms.

Mr Mantovani enjoys a food challenge, and contacted staff at The Deck to see if he could attempt the epic meal.

If he finishes the meal in under nine minutes his meal will be free and he will score a Deck-Life t-shirt.

If he does not make the cut he will have to pay $50 for the meal.

The attempt will go down tonight at The Deck at 7.30pm.

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