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Parma challenge complete by professional body builder

August 24, 2017

A professional bodybuilder who conquered The Deck’s 1.6kg Chicken Parma challenge was still hungry after he finished the epic meal.

Vince Mantovani came to Shepparton last night to sink his teeth into the ‘Parma-saurus-rex’ in under nine minutes.

A few people had attempted the challenge, which is estimated at one kilogram of chicken, plus sauce, cheese and an extra large serving of chips, which all up weighs in at about 1.6 kilos.

Bartender Frankie Lagana said Mr Mantovani had no problem devouring the meal in record time.

‘‘He smashed it in four minutes and 10 seconds,’’ Mr Lagana said.

‘‘And then around ten minutes later he ordered a whole pizza.’’

The rules for the challenge are simple.

Anyone wanting to take it on needs to come in to The Deck on Wednesday nights.

Competitors need to eat everything on the plate, including chicken, chips and sauce in under nine minutes.

Even if some of the food falls off the plate, it has to be eaten.

If a competitor beats the clock, they get their meal for free and a Deck t-shirt.

If they fall short, they need to pay $50 for their meal.

Mr Lagana said it was mesmerising to watch the bodybuilder devour the meal in record time.

‘‘I think he finished the chicken in about a minute and a half, the chips took a bit longer,’’ he said.

‘‘He absolutely devoured it, I think he is just a freak.’

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