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Healing for all at AOK

August 30, 2017

After 30 years working as a high-level nurse, Michelle Newten decided to make a change and learn the practices of alternative medicine.

Working on the road, Ms Newten decided to move into the space at Emerald Bank over two years ago to give her practice a home.

AOK Healing Centre sells a range of products, which support people to connect with their mind, body and spirt in a positive way.

“We just love doing anything to help a person, that’s what we’re about. We want to help people heal and improve the way they think.”

Michelle’s motivation and drive to continuously help others keeps her extremely busy. She is currently working on more books, e-books and another app.

“It’s not work if you love it.”

Affectionately known as ‘The Aussie Angel Lady’, she also trains others to step into their life purpose with the AOK Online Academy.

Ms Newten has also created a range of affirmation magnets, crystal cards and kits which are sold at AOK and online. Most notably is the Angel’s Toolbox.

Michelle has always lived around the Goulburn Valley area and was drawn to Emerald Bank as the site of her centre due to its peaceful environment, which also doubles as a great tourism stop.

There are also four therapy rooms on site, which offer a range of practices including massage therapy, reflexology, ear candling and more. There is also a seminar room, in which they run numerous workshops throughout the year.

Ms Newten also shared there are some extensions taking place that are still top secret to the public. However, she did share that it will involve the introduction of a new healing therapy and is the only one in Shepparton. We will know more come early November.

There are three staff members at AOK Healing Centre, willing to help with any ailments you may need solved.

One staff member, Sharon Guerra said she often lends an ear across the counter, offering those who enter the store a chance to connect with someone in a real way.

Guests to the store are also welcome to simply sit and enjoy the music at the centre, taking a break from life’s stressors.

Due to their background in nursing both Michelle and Sharon pride themselves on providing balanced opinion when it comes to healing. They have a great understanding of both mainstream and alternative practices.

AOK Healing Centre is open seven days, 10 am to 5 pm.

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