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Ready to ride into new shop

September 06, 2017

Trevor and Jenny now and 25 years ago in their store.

25 years ago, Trevor and Jenny Morris decided to make a change and open up their own business.

An interest in cycling and a passion for something new, inspired the pair to buy the sporting goo and cycling store from local man, Don Ash.

“Buying the store was a bit like standing on the edge of a cliff and jumping off it.”

Over the years, the Morris’ transformed the business to into purely cycling goods.

On the first day of trading, the Morris’ and their business partners were all quite concerned after only earning $250.

“We were all thinking; what are we in for?”

“We had all put our houses on the line and our children were really young.”

Their persistence, hard work and friendly customer service allowed the business to flourish, making them the leading cycling experts in town.

As many of their friends begin to retire, Trevor and Jenny have decided to work even harder.

After years on High Street, the cycling store will be moving out of the CBD and setting up their new home on Melbourne Road, Kialla. They will also be rebranding and will be called ‘My Ride’.

“We wanted a one- level store. It’s a news start and refreshment, rather than staying stagnant.” said Trevor.

“We have a new shell that we can work with. You just can’t do the same every day. You have to move with the times.” said Jenny.

Trevor and Jenny will be enlisting help from their family to move everything on Saturday, October 7th to the new space, ready for trading on Monday, October 9th.

Employee and son-in-law, Nathan May also shared his enthusiasm for the move.

Nathan May is looking forward to the move
Nathan May is looking forward to the move.

Both Trevor and Jenny pride themselves on the saying; ‘treat others the way you want to be treated’.

There is no doubt the community will continue to be greeted with the same wholesome, friendly attitude from the team at the new store situated between Jaguar and Metricon.

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