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Finny’s family approach to business

September 21, 2017

Ray and Anne Finn have owned Finny's for 28 years. Their daughter Tina also works with them.

For over 28 years, Ray and Anne Finn have been supporting our local community, advocating the importance of generosity and humility in life.

With businesses in Shepparton and Bendigo, Finny’s journey to success has not always been easy.

After leaving school at a young age, Ray took on a job at Fairley’s, doing the buying for different departments. It was here that he made friends with the traders that continue to support him now.

When the business was sold, he decided it was time to move on and buying his own shop seemed attractive.

Ray with the first dollar he earned
Ray with the first dollar he earned.

“I walked up and down the streets in Shepp looking for an empty shop but couldn’t find one!” said Ray.

Eventually he came across a furniture store that was rebranding and after some persuasion, the owner Robert Watson agreed to give Ray and Anne a corner of his store.

“I didn’t have any money and I couldn’t even get a $5000 loan because I had no assets.”

Ray was lucky enough to receive help from the Goulburn Valley Credit Union. He also asked for loans of borrowed stock from his friends in the manchester trade.

Soon enough, Finny’s was successful enough to purchase the rest of the furniture store.

Looking back on their time in business, both Ray and Anne are surprised to see how their lives have panned out.

“We should have never survived, we never had any money” said Ray.

“We were lucky Ray has such a great relationship with retailers. He is also very generous” said Anne.

“I’m not here to make money, just friends” said Ray.

Anne says the experience was surprising as she had never worked in retail.

“I wouldn’t let Ray leave, I was so shy. Now I love to chat with our customers.”

Ray and Anne strive to provide quality products, at reasonable prices.

“I try and run good stock and sell it under what others would sell” said Ray.

“I will not put retail on anything I wouldn’t be prepared to pay for myself.”

Ray and Anne pride themselves on being a family orientated, both emphasising the importance of treating others as you would want to be treated.

Their ‘little store with big savings’ will continue putting the community first and offering the best prices.

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