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Guf offers more than games

October 11, 2017

Whilst walking or driving along Maude Street, you may have seen a busy little store with an interesting name.

Guf is a centre where everyone can gather for all things hobby gaming, card gaming and console gaming.

The store was originally called Cyber Bunker and served as a gathering place for 13 years before becoming part of the Guf franchise around 4 years ago.

Customer Service Assistant and ‘Tech Guy’ Kevin Waterman says Guf is a space for anyone, who is interested in gaming or wants to get involved.

Some of the board games available for play and sale.

Guf holds different events every night of the week, which involve the games; Magic The Gathering, Warhammer 40 000, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon and Final Fantasy.

Although visitors are mostly teenagers, anyone interested in the games is welcome to join.

“We have five-year-olds come along all the way up to 40-year-olds.” Said Kevin.

The centre is continuing to expand its range of board games and events, which has brought in new faces and created a larger community of gaming enthusiasts.

“It’s great to get outside your boundaries and just come out and be around other people. We’re friendly and we just want to play games.” Said Kevin.

People can opt for their pay to play system for single usages; otherwise memberships give you a cheaper rate.

Mindcraft parties for children are very popular, as well as ‘lock ins’ on a Friday night from 12am to 8am.

Check out Guf from 10am to 11pm Monday to Saturday and 11am to 11pm on Sundays.

Guf is located at 135 Maude Street, Shepparton.

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