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Family Halloween antics

November 01, 2017

Ainslea Liew sent us this great shot of her family enjoying their first big Halloween celebration.

The large group turned heads as they trick or treated around Balaclava Rd and Newton
Street in Shepparton.

Pictured left to right: Laura Atkinson (clown), Kieran Egan (pumpkin1), Keishia Liew (alter ego), Ameyshia Baksh (ghost), Jordan McManus (Count Dracula), Sharmia Liew (chuckies bride), Lilly Osborne (Alice in Wonderland), Lashaya Baksh (vampire queen), Holly Osborne (Madusa), Nasha Liew (geisha), Sharlie Liew and Iziah Egan (pumpkin2).

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