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Learn your locals: Graham Harland

November 14, 2017

As a Shepparton Camera House Customer Assistant, Graham Harland can look out the store’s entrance and see his whole working life in front of him.

Growing up in Tocumwal, Mr Harland came into Shepparton to look for work at 17.

Trying his luck in hairdressing, he quickly moved into a role at Fairley’s, providing customer service in the men’s department.

Mr Harland developed a passion for photography at an early age from his father. It was this enthusiasm and the skills he had learnt from Fairley’s that landed him a job at Shepparton Camera House over 32 years ago.

After such a long stretch, Mr Harland’s role includes selling products, helping customers with the printing machines and running the copy room.

“I do really diverse work and enjoy customer service,” said Mr Harland.

“I can’t quantify what I like doing here, but I wouldn’t have been here this long otherwise!”

Mr Harland is more excited now than ever, when it comes to photography technology. The rate at which things keep changing and updating continues to make things interesting.

“In the film days, everyone was reliant on us to see their photos. It was busy with real estate agents and other businesses coming in for processing.”

“Although it’s changed, we still sell film cameras, so it’s interesting to see things change.”

When asked of his future plans, Mr Harland was positive about his career at Camera House.

“I’m just going to keep going. I’m lucky to be around a great workforce.”

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