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Freakshakes a hit

November 24, 2017

There's nothing better than looking at a drinks menu and seeing something different and exciting.

When we visited Noble Monks we were ecstatic to see Freakshakes on the menu. 

12 months ago, the team did some market research in Melbourne and discovered the 'crazy shake' phenomenon. 

Cafe Manage Adam Bowe was excited to introduce the shakes to Shepparton. 

"No one was doing it up here at that time. We launched it in summer and it just went crazy." 

Take a look at how they're made: 

There are four delicious flavours to choose from including Golden Gaytime, Drumstick, Oreo and Twix.

"Oreo is my favourite, but Golden Gaytime is very popular as well." Adam said.

Adam also mentioned alterations will soon take place tothe Noble Monks menu, which may see some new flavours introduced. 

TIP: Best ordered without food. We were advised that most people cannot get through a meal as well!

Enjoy a Freakshake from Noble Monks this summer at 120/126 Maude St, Shepparton.

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