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A passion for animals

December 06, 2017

Foster carers Nikita Elliott and Harper Taylor.

Five years ago, Jeanette Oliver decided to turn her love of animals into her passion.

Fostering one animal at a time, Jeanette started a rescue page on Facebook, hoping to encourage more people to get involved and choose adoption for their next pet.

The numbers continued to grow both in animal rescues and foster carers, resulting in Shepparton Animal Rescue and Rehoming becoming a registered charity this year.

“It was great getting registered this year, as donations are now tax deductible and we can apply for grants,” said Jeanette.

Shepparton Animal Rescue and Rehoming has around 30 foster carers, of which 12 are currently active.

Foster carers Alisha Campbell and Kate Thompson have loved being involved, saying it was a great opportunity for their families.

“It has helped my kids learn responsibility and skills such as cleaning. They do get attached but they have learnt we can help more and they are going to good homes.” said Kate.

“We’ve been able to teach kids at my daughter’s school about adoption, which is great,” said Alisha.

Since July this year, 278 animals have entered their care, 162 have been adopted and been 17 transferred to other facilities.

Foster carers Nikita Elliott, Caitlin Wright, Kate Thompson, Jill Wright, Alexander Thompson, Jeanette Oliver, Alisha Campbell and Harper Taylor.

Continuing the fantastic work of all foster carers, Jeanette would love to turn the rescue into a shelter and have a large facility to home more animals.

“That would be when things get big. We could have volunteers and also paid staff,” said Jeanette.

“We would also like to work with Shepparton Animal Shelter in the future.”

Shepparton Animal Rescue and Rehome is always looking for more carers, no matter how much or little people can contribute. All food is supplied and animals are desexed and vaccinated in due time.

“People don’t realise how much fun it is,” said Kate.

If you’re looking for a forever friend, the carers suggest patience is the best way to find a perfect fit for your family.

“Adopt rather than shop. People would be surprised what they can find; if you’re patient something will come up. If you want a specific breed just get in touch,” said Kate.

“We assess and temperate test any dog that comes through to us,” said Jeanette.

Shepparton Animal Rescue and Rehoming is having an adoption day this Saturday December 9 at Pets Domain, 10am to 2pm.

If you're interested in adopting a cat or dog, take a look at their Pet Rescue site.

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