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Bin cleaning a busy business

December 18, 2017

Stuart Revell in front of one of his Dairy Fresh Bin Cleaning trucks.

Stuart and Jenny Revell never imagined they would own their own bin cleaning service when the opportunity arose over six years ago.

Working at Camera House, Stuart decided it was time for a change when his friend Neville Lavis asked if he could lend a hand in his bin cleaning company.

‘Jen decided I was too young to do nothing,’ Stuart said.

After 12 months, Stuart and Jenny took over the business, making bins sparkle across town.

As the only bin cleaning service in the region, the Revell’s are busy five days a week, travelling to Echuca, Kyabram and Rochester for their customers.

‘It’s good doing something different,’ Jenny said.

Often following the bin route around town, Daisy Fresh Bin Cleaning also works for local shires and Cleanaway.

According to Stuart, the process of emptying a bin, ‘is quite simple really and that’s the beauty of it.’

‘Hoist the bin up, spray it with a pressure washer, wipe the sides and spray it with a deodorizer.’

Stuart and Jenny have perfected the art of bin cleaning, completing between ten to fifteen bins an hour.

‘Green bins tend to take longer because grass likes to stick,’ said Stuart.

When it comes to keeping their own bins in shape, the Revell family said they may need a visit from Daisy Fresh Bin Cleaning themselves.  

‘Have you ever heard the saying, the mechanic has the worst car? The electrician never finishes his wiring? Well, the bin cleaner doesn’t look after his own bin!’

To learn more about Daisy Fresh Bin Cleaning prices and services, contact Stuart and Jenny on 0409 113 630 or

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