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Buddhist monks give blessings to Shepparton restaurant

April 06, 2018

Aloi Thai owners Perry and Nattaya Tranter, with the monks.

Aloi Thai Restaurant received a Buddhist blessing last Thursday, as part of its sixth anniversary celebrations.

Buddhist monks from Box Hill, Albury and Ballart travelled to Shepparton to perform a religious ritual to mark the occasion.

The six monks gave their blessings, ran a meditation session and were offered lunch, known as ‘‘dana’’, in return.

Aloi Thai owner Nattaya Tranter said each year the store celebrated its opening with a traditional ceremony.

‘‘Each year we have a Buddhist prayer for the shop, to give a blessing so business keeps going,’’ she said.

‘‘Community members, family members, friends and the monks are here today for the celebration.’’

Visitors enjoyed a traditional Thai banquet, with lunch and sweet desserts prepared by Ms Tranter.

Buddhist monk Phra Ronrawee, from the Dhammakaya Temple of Melbourne, said the occasion was marked with a blessing of Ms Tranter and everyone else who attended.

He said by preparing food and support for their temple, the restaurant was seen to perform a good deed.

‘‘We hope people attain inner peace for themselves after they have received a final blessing from us monks,’’ he said.

‘‘Preparing food is like a good deed and we wish that good deeds come back to support them to ensure they have a better life, a peaceful life and happiness.’’

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